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Positive Realism

We believe that the best way for our clients to be invited into homes and communities for the long-term is through positive, multidimensional portrayals that come from an authentic and relevant place. Connecting brands with people on a deep, emotional level requires more than chasing the latest celebrity or fad. It’s about understanding who our consumers are and who they aspire to be. It’s about honoring their culture and values. It’s about celebrating their unparalleled passion for life.

In order to do it right, you need to be an expert, immersed in the culture every single day. That’s our commitment to our clients and our community. Ask any African American and you will hear about the overabundance of negative messages. We refuse to contribute more. We take our responsibility as stewards of some of those messages seriously.

We’re proud that when we’re at our best, you know a Burrell idea. We’re proud when people cite our ads, years after they ran, as messages that touched them. Our unique dedication to Positive Realism is one of the reasons our work so often transcends into the broader culture. Our work stands out.