“Consistently deliver innovative, creative, market-moving ideas.”

Sphere of Influence

Most of the old rules of influence no longer apply. Ideas don’t just move from urban to suburban, from young to old or from the coasts to the heartland. Ideas can come from anywhere, but one thing holds true. African Americans continue to shape what happens.

Burrell’s thinking and work stands out, because it is proudly and definitively different. Our unique lens enables us to see things others do not. It works the same with our consumers. They view the world differently. They experience it differently. While their perspective is often marginalized by marketers until it becomes impossible to ignore, it is embraced by consumers.

Just as they adopt technology differently, for different reasons, they use household products in ways others never imagine. In order to tap into this unique perspective, you need to understand it and (not to be immodest) no one understands it better than Burrell.